Creating great content is just the start. Everything you do should be a part of a content strategy, a consistent calendar of content that, with every message, reinforces what you stand for.

All your brand touchpoints, from your Twitter feed and Facebook page to your viral videos, should share a tone of voice. They need to work together, not independently.
Nothing spoils a brand story quicker than a split personality, and nothing dispels potential brand loyalty more than the suspicion that you might be faking it.

Content Strategy is constant cycle of reassessment:

  • Audience awareness – Who are you talking to? What do they care about? How can you reach them?

  • Tone of Voice – Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your brand personality?

  • Channels – What channels do your ideas need to fit into? Can they be spread across more than one? Can you close the digital loop?

  • Conversation – Are you responding to our consumers? Are you inviting them to engage in conversation? Are you real people or a faceless organisation?

  • Stakeholders – How do you minimise approval time to allow you to react and move quickly? * Is everyone involved who needs to be?

  • Review & Analysis – How effective is your content? What metrics are you using? How do you measure brand reputation beyond raw sales figures?

That might seem like a lot of questions. But they’ll give you a lot of answers.

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