Product Photography

Product Photography – From £14 per shot.

This is designed for projects where you want your items photographed quickly and cleanly, with expertly produced images supplied cut out, ready to drop onto your chosen background, whether in a website, catalogue or brochure. These images can be supplied by default with a photoshop cut-out layer.

Volume discounts apply to products that are all shot on the same background and at a similar angle, in one session. Please stipulate whether you want the items to be photographed on a white, grey, blue or black background, in order to reduce the effects of fringing when the image is dropped onto your background.

Extensive Product Photography – From £50 per shot.

For shots of groups of items, single shots of larger items, or other more specific requirements.

For example:

Large groups of smaller items i.e. between two and ten products arranged in one composition (with a combined area of less than 1m and lighter than 2.5Kg). Single items too large to fit on a tabletop (area larger than 1m, or heavier than 2.5Kg). Two shots or more of the same product; for example – one main shot and two detail shots of the same item, or the inclusion of models in the shot.
(Please note, this price does not include model fees)

Additional Information:

We can also provide a quote for coming out to you and photographing your products at your chosen location. Images are supplied on CD /DVD in sRGB JPEG format. Images are colour corrected, but otherwise not retouched in any way. Additional specialist image manipulation (Photoshop) is by prior arrangement and depends on the type of work undertaken. It is charged on an hourly basis at £45 per hour or part thereof.

Digital Editing

Basic image editing, colour correction and cloning is included as standard with all services Advanced image editing, background removal, composites, special effects, CGI etc. £45 (per hour)


Road travel in the UK is included for the first 50 miles and then 50p per mile thereafter. Other travel in the UK is charged at cost by prior agreement. Overseas travel is charged at cost by prior agreement.


All expenses incurred to complete a commission are charged at cost by prior agreement. This can include accommodation, model fees, props hire, location fees etc

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